We're a small,
but mighty, team!

The firm was founded in 2019, by a single GP who wanted to create his own job working with amazing founders day in, day out.


Atin Batra

General Partner

Atin looks for entrepreneurs with an overwhelming drive to build a business that not only creates shareholder value but also leaves a positive impact on our fragile world. Most recently, he was the Principal at a global VC firm investing in Deep Tech & connected Hardware startups in North America. Prior to that, he led Hong Kong’s first corporate accelerator. Originally from India, Atin spends his weekends (and some weekdays) trail running Hong Kong’s beautiful country parks.


Our team of Advisors are world-class entrepreneurs and operators from all over the world, with specific expertise in education, productivity, entrepreneurship, finance, investing, product development, logistics, operations and myriad other functional areas.

Itai Damti

Co-founder & CEO, Unit Finance

Itai is a finance geek, and co-founder at Unit. Unit helps tech companies build financial features into their products. Itai previously co-founded Leverate and grew it to 160 employees globally + $100b in monthly trading volume. A lifelong learner of everything tech, he actively mentors, advises and invests in early stage startups.

Kai Huang

Serial Entrepreneur

Kai Huang was co-founder and CEO of RedOctane. Publishers of the popular Guitar Hero franchise, RedOctane was acquired by Activision in June 2006. A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Huang was previously a consultant at Accenture, working with Fortune 500 clients. He holds a BA in computer science from the University of California at Berkeley.

Osman Mendoza

Serial Entrepreneur

Osman is a serial entrepreneur and YC alum, bouncing between Latam and Asia. He is currently building something new in CDMX and also starting a mezcal brand for the Asia market, mostly to keep life fun.
Daniel Szeto, 27V fund advisor

Daniel Szeto

Founder & Director of Foundation Global Education

Over the past two decades, Daniel has helped 1,000+ students and families choose an educational path that best suits the unique qualities of every student. Daniel was educated at The Webb School, and is a Cornell alum. He is a board member at King’s Academy, Jordan. With a keen interest in EdTech, Daniel has been actively investing in and supporting various startups.

Portfolio Founders

These intrepid entrepreneurs are as much a part of our team as the fund's GP. They weigh in on all our new investments, among other major fund-related decisions, sharing their hard-earned insights from decades of experience in education and as part of the workforce.

Igor Belyayev

Igor leads technical development at 101 and is responsible for bringing their novel interactive experiences to reality on iOS, Android, and the web. He’s worked as a mobile developer at startups like Jet.com and Hackerati, as well as media companies like The Huffington Post and Viacom.

Justin Weinberg

Justin is the visionary behind 101edu and created the company based on over a decade of teaching math & science. Now, he leads 101edu to bring its active learning platform to college STEM courses across North America. Justin earned a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University where he was an NSF Fellow.

Tim Warren

Tim Warren is CEO and co-founder of Ambit, a company that automates customer service at scale with conversational AI for medium and large businesses. He was formerly an executive at Goldman Sachs, JBWere – and loves connecting with people around the world. Tim is a prolific reader, lover of music, food, coffee, and history; occasional runner; Dad x2.

Arnelle Ansong

Arnelle Ansong is CTO & Co-Founder of Edlyft, a startup that is helping create the next million computer science college graduates. She received an undergraduate degree from Stanford in Symbolic Systems, and then worked as a consultant for Bain & Co. Arnelle’s passionate about education, and is excitedly building Edlyft to help more students get in-demand skills.

Erika Hairston

Erika Hairston is the co-founder and CEO of Edlyft (YC W20), a support platform that helps college students and adult learners through CS courses, by pairing them with inclusive mentors, online group tutoring and study tools. While in college, Erika taught herself iOS dev while working on her first startup, Zimela – and was also featured on the App Store.

Amanda DoAmaral

Amanda DoAmaral is an educator, activist, and the founder of Fiveable – a social learning network for students. She spent half a decade teaching high school history in Oakland, CA, where her passion for creating equitable educational opportunities was ignited. Amanda has been a vocal advocate for inclusive history curriculum and is active within the Milwaukee tech community.

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