27V is a reflection of our sole GP, and power-emoji user, Atin. He founded Twenty Seven Ventures to invest in and work with great founders from around the world.
aside: his birthdate is the 27th of February, hence the name

The firm invests in EdTech and Future of Work.
While we can invest in any and all education-related products, we tend to lean towards B2C products aimed at high school, higher ed or continuous learning. Within the Future of Work, we focus on 3 buckets: robotics & automation, enterprise products leveraging machine learning & data anayltics, and products for making our human resources more productive.

27V invests in Pre-Seed and Seed rounds. Our initial check is on average $100K, but has ranged from $25K-$250K in the past; and we reserve money for follow-on. We do not invest a first check in Series A rounds, but can follow on for select portfolio companies.
Our Fund’s deployment model is not geared towards leading rounds for most of our investments, but we do consider doing so for 1 or 2 companies per year.

We invest globally, without prejudice to your company’s geographical location or the target market. Our current portfolio companies are based in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan and New Zealand.

We are on pace to invest in 12 companies a year, basically one new investment every month.

Our investment process usually takes 4-6 weeks, counted from the day of our first synchronous conversation. The typical breakdown is:

  • Week 1 – first call with founders covering MVP and product vision;
  • Week 2 – second call with founders to talk financial model and roadmap;
  • Week 3 – reference calls with (non-founding) executive team, customers & investors;
  • Week 4 – final call with founders.
  • Every week, we strive to send an update to the founder conveying our intention to continue the conversation or pass on the opportunity

We’re not a diversity fund, but have been fortunate to have backed multiple founders from underrepresented backgrounds. 1/3 of our portfolio founders are women, including 3 all-women founding teams, and 1/2 of our founders hail from a diverse background. We truly work to support teams building strong businesses, irrespective of their race, gender or age.

Our Fund’s core principle from day one has been: ’27V is more than a Fund, it’s a Founder Fellowship’. We support our portfolio founders in the following ways:

  • We invite all founders to be part of a, what is considered fairly active, Slack group where questions & answers fly fast, and across company lines.
  • We organize multiple calls for the founders to connect with and learn from each other
    • Fam Jam: monthly founders-only call where one founder leads a learning session
    • Huddle: monthly call for executive leaders of functional groups (tech, marketing, ops, finance) across all companies
    • AMAs: monthly call with external speakers such as investors, operators and founders
    • Quartely checkin: founders-only quarterly call to publicly acknowledge our goals for the upcoming quarter, in addition to reviewing past goals and asking for help
    • Semi-annual Retreat: combination of all of the above, and more!
  • Our esteemed panel of advisors is on standby to answer specific questions within their individuals zone of competence
  • And lastly, of course, our GP makes himself available any day, any time (except when he’s out for a long run) to chat with the founders and help them the best he can. Usually checks in with every team once a fortnight.

We expect to see at least an MVP of the product and some customer traction/feedback. Revenue is not a necessity; we’ve backed multiple companies with $0 in revenue.
Whether you’ve raised funding or we’re the first investor you’re talking to, we’ll always take the call. We would like to see a founding team (founders and early executives) who have complementary skills and can cover the most crucial bases – technical and business development.

Twitter and LinkedIn are the best places to connect with Atin. This is 27V’s twitter

We’ve been fortunate to have received support from a group of entrepreneurs, operators and strategic partners, all of whom have decades of experience in education or productivity. We regularly meet (virtually) with our LPs and, more often than not, reach out to them for feedback on investment opportunities & portfolio matters.

Please send an email to atin@27V.vc and I’d be happy to share more info

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