Built for a new wave of creative entrepreneurs who swap and share projects in real-time, Wethos Virtual Studios make it really easy to team up and make more money together. Built by two ex-agency execs, Wethos offers unique pricing tools coupled with a one-to-many payments solution that powers almost 2,000 studios.


Topknot is the online personal development platform for women. Topknot’s digital-first approach pulls together best practices from coaching with intentional community to empower women to make meaningful change. With Topknot, every woman has access to support that is affordable, approachable, and designed to honor her unique needs.

Toggle Industries

Toggle is reinventing rebar for digital fabrication: software driven, robotics enabled, factory based. With a world class team of robotics, software, manufacturing and construction experts we are already at 3X productivity versus the legacy process for rebar and are driving toward 10X. As construction converges with manufacturing, Toggle is automating the most fundamental components.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is a tech-enabled recruitment firm helping enterprises and engineering candidates match at higher rates by using automation to increase their sourcing efficiencies and customized technical assessments to improve candidate quality. Founded in 2016, Terminal 1 has achieved profitability and scaled their business to serve clients across Asia from their offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Preteckt provides cloud-based predictive maintenance software for trucks and buses. Preteckt’s algorithms automate and augment the decision-making of expert diagnostic technicians, allowing the root cause of maintenance issues to be detected early and quickly. For customers, this means reduced time needed for diagnostics, reduced costs to conduct maintenance, and increased vehicle uptime.

Pango Education

Pango provides a lesson planning tool for K12 teachers. The platform leverages data analytics to recommend the most ideal subject content for each grade level, including videos, worksheets, quizzes, supplemental digital content and more.


Hyr connects businesses and workers to fill any shift, at any time, at the best possible price. On the flip side, the fully mobile platform allows talented, driven workers an option to choose their hours and pick up shifts in a pinch. The team believes that today’s workers deserve benefits, so have created a form of benefits that are portable for the 1099 worker’s entire working life.


Fluent is a chrome extension that teaches you a new language while you browse the web. This solves the biggest problem in language learning – the vast majority of learners fail, because they can’t keep up with practice. We progressively translates English words on any website you visit, into a new language of your choice. Learn a language by living your life – without spending extra time studying.


Fiveable is on a mission to make learning social. We are building a library of the internet’s best educational content, curated by students and teachers, wrapped with social features to connect learners. Our goal is to democratize access to the best learning experiences so that all students can reach their learning goals. Backed by BBG, Emerson Collective, Cream City, among others.


Edlyft is a paid support platform helping college students and adult learners through tough CS courses, by connecting them to inclusive mentorship, online group tutoring, and personalized study tools. Edlyft, also backed by Kleiner Perkins, Y Combinator, Kapor Capital and more, is on a mission to help every student learn in-demand skills, regardless of background.