🙌 TL;DR: 27V, an early-stage EdTech-focused global VC firm, is launching a community called ‘PIONEERS’ for the broader education ecosystem – students, teachers, administrators, academics and parents. Form here 🔗

Pioneering education

At the World’s Fair of 1899, people predicted classrooms in the year 2000 to look like this image 👉.

The idea of learning/teaching machines has been around for over a century, and a majority of the solutions propose disintermediation of teachers (synchronous, in person, human). Books to brains.

At the start of 2020, nobody would have predicted classrooms to look like they eventually did throughout the year – a never-ending episode of Hollywood Squares, a practical joke gone wrong. The first realization most people had was that remote learning is not for every one; some children thrive while countless others don’t. The second, and more crucial, realization was: teachers are a crucial part of educating the next generation.

A small, but growing, group of pioneering teachers are reinventing themselves and their classrooms to prepare Gen Z for the real world. Students are driving much of the transformation too; in some cases by taking charge and building the tools they need. When the education system is yearning for change, technology innovators will not be left behind. The pandemic was a huge tailwind for education technology as a whole.

As a VC focussed on education, I am amazed by the daily developments in the education technology space but it pains me to think that a particular solution could take years to reach the right audience. As we navigate this new (mostly virtual) paradigm, there is so much to discover and learn – for everybody in the ecosystem, from each other!

Very often, conversations around education technology exclude the ‘real’ stakeholders of education – students, teachers, administrators, and parents. We hope to change that!

So, once again, what is Pioneers?

The ‘Pioneers’ community is an EdTech-focused watering hole for school administrators, teachers, parents, students, and academics – the real stakeholders in the education ecosystem. A place for them to learn about global trends, meet peers, swap war stories & build relationships. We’ll host biweekly curated discussions, monthly product showcases, fortnightly all-hands calls and organize many more activities in service of this community.

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